1. Landing Page

On arriving to the site, you will be directed to the landing page. It shows the various degrees offered at the school. You can read the descriptions given for each degree to further understand what the degree entails and is about. You can keep track of where you are on the site by looking for the highlighted menu item or the line just below the school logo.

2. Log In

You can either go directly and log in, or browse through the site and log in later if you need to perform an action that requires you to be logged in, such as: Registering courses; Viewing your profile. The log in link is located at the top left side of the site. Enter your registration number with the slashes(/) replaced by underscores(_). If you do not have a password yet, contact the school administrator for assistance.This is the log in page.

3. After Log In

After you successfully log in, you will directed to the Degrees page again. There you can select the degree you are currently undertaking. For example BSc. Informatics.

4. Viewing Courses

Assuming you are a first year, these courses will be displayed. You can select your current year on the left sidebar.

5. Selecting Courses

Select the courses that you are currently studying by clicking on them once. Selected courses will be highlighted with a light blue color. You can click on a course again to deselect it. It will revert back to the grey highlight.

6. Viewing Selected Courses

Click on the 'My Courses' menu item. You will be directed to the 'My Courses' page where you will be able to see the courses you previously selected. You can review them and deselect the ones you might have selected by accident. Do so by clicking on the 'x' adjacent to the course on the 'Remove' column. If satisfied with your current selections, click on one of the register buttons.

7. Your Profile

After successfully registering for the courses, you will directed to your profile. Here you can view the details that are on your account. They include the courses you have registered for. You can switch through the different categories by clicking on one of the focus options. Or you can simply scroll down.

7a. Edit Profile

If you want to change some of the details on your profile, for example, your profile photo. Click on the 'Edit *' button on the respective divisions where the detail is located. In the profile photo case, that would be the 'Edit School Details' button. A pop up window will appear.

7b. Edit Profile - Select photo

Select the photo you want to serve as your profile photo. Then click the 'Save' button.

7c. Edit Profile - Done

You will be directed back to the profile page. As your can see, the photo has changed to the one uploaded.

7d. Edit Profile - Others

Switching through the details using the focus options. Home/Personal Details

7e. Edit Profile - Others

Switching through the details using the focus options. Registered Courses